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A Far-off Father’s Love

A poem I wrote for my son Michael, almost a year ago while reflecting on the day he was borne prematurely. A day I was hundreds of miles away from my family, and news of his possible death reached me. A day can look back and glorify my God for grace and mercy upon our family.
To love someone; whom I’ve not known
To care for one; who was just born
It is so queer; I’m filled with fear
Of loosing him who is not near.
Oh! Could you have waited; ’til I was near?
You’ve come too soon, my dearest dear
I prayed and cried, I’ve spent my tears
My knees are sore, for you my dear
God heard my voice; provided healing
You heard my voice, at our first meeting
You grasped my hand and persevered
I praised the Lord; for you my dear
You are growing strong before my eyes
Oh! Cruel time that quickly flies
If prematurely, papa dies
Let truth be told, among us guys
I love you son; I’m always near 
I care for you, my dearest dear

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