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A Far-off Father’s Love

A poem I wrote for my son Michael, almost a year ago while reflecting on the day he was borne prematurely. A day I was hundreds of miles away from my family, and news of his possible death reached me. A day can look back and glorify my God for grace and mercy upon our family.
To love someone; whom I’ve not known
To care for one; who was just born
It is so queer; I’m filled with fear
Of loosing him who is not near.
Oh! Could you have waited; ’til I was near?
You’ve come too soon, my dearest dear
I prayed and cried, I’ve spent my tears
My knees are sore, for you my dear
God heard my voice; provided healing
You heard my voice, at our first meeting
You grasped my hand and persevered
I praised the Lord; for you my dear
You are growing strong before my eyes
Oh! Cruel time that quickly flies
If prematurely, papa dies
Let truth be told, among us guys
I love you son; I’m always near 
I care for you, my dearest dear

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Coffee with You

This is an emblematic poem I wrote for my daughter, while she was still a few months old.

it is supposed to form a steaming demitasse of Coffee. the titled being the steam. For those who can’t see the words here they are:

Coffee with you

You’ve cried and bawled, whilst we look about

What coded message amidst tears ought to be found?

Serene and calm is the once squally sea.

Familiar beauty alone now to see

Dark eyes as the coffee I seep

The end result from my lack of sleep

Should I be angry, livid or vexed?

Nay, a glance of your smile, forgotten the rest

By Yandy Noel Leyva,to his daughter Hannah Tatyana Leyva

This is the picture taken at 3:00AM (right before she finally fell asleep) that inspired the poem.

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